College Craziness

2177357What a weekend for anyone who follows college football. Five top ten teams lose, a number one comes close to losing and there is a new team at the top of the college rankings after this past weekend.

The premiere game of the day came at night in the northwest. The University of Washington Huskies were playing host the University of Southern California Trojans who came into the game as the number one ranked team in the country. The last time the Huskies beat a number one ranked team was in the 1960 Rose Bowl against the University of Minnesota. To honor this achievement, the Huskies came out in throwback uniforms from 1960.

Huskies coach Tyrone Willingham has had more than his share of luck against USC. When he coached Stanford University and Notre Dame, he won four times. As much as some people thought Willingham did a horrible job at Notre Dame, he is a damn good coach and there are many in the sports world who would love to have their son play for this man. He didn’t live up to the Notre Dame aura.

It was a tough fought game and USC squeaked out a win, 27-24. It wasn’t enough for them to hold the top spot in this week’s Associated Press poll as Louisiana State University took over the number one ranking. It’s the first time in a long while that USC hasn’t been at the top.

If you want a Heisman watch, look no further than Washington quarterback Jake Locker. He’s going to be a good one. As a freshman, he’s got one heck of a hold on the offense and how to read the field. Don’t be the least bit surprised to see him on the Heisman list for next year or coming out early to enter the National Football League.

Louisiana State University has had more than their share of success this year. With a huge win over then number nine Virginia Tech in week two, winning by more than 35 points, you knew this was going to be a special season. They beat Tulane this past week, 34-9 putting them in the top spot for first time in a few decades. If they keep this up, you can bet on USC and LSU in the National Championship game in January.

Number three Oklahoma University lost to the University of Colorado, 27-24, on a last second 45-yard field goal. Colorado kicker Kevin Eberhart hit the field goal to shake up the top 10.

Number four University of Florida lost to Auburn University, 20-17. Another game that came down to the last seconds on a field goal for the victory.

Number five West Virginia University lost to University of South Florida, 21-13, on Friday night which started the weekend of upsets.

Number six University of California Bears defeated the University of Oregon Ducks, 31-24. Looks as if luck has run out for the Ducks. They are still one of the toughest teams in college football and the Pac-10.

Number seven University of Texas Longhorns lost to Kansas State University, 41-21, in a one sided game. Texas quarterback Colt McCoy threw four interceptions. Hardly numbers you want to be putting up if you’re vying for the Heisman trophy at the end of the year.

Number eight Ohio State University defeated the University of Minnesota, 30-7, in a game where Ohio State’s defense dominated. They have allowed 34 points in five victories this season. Running back Chris Wells had 116 yards rushing and two touchdowns for OSU.

Number nine University of Wisconsin Badgers narrowly squeaked out a win against Michigan State University Spartans, 37-34. Wisconsin allowed almost 600 yards of offense in their victory. Pretty bad for head coach, Bret Bielema, who was defensive coordinator before taking over the reigns from Barry Alvarez. The Badgers offensive line is one of the largest in the nation, averaging 6’ 7” and 314 pounds up front. There shouldn’t be a defense in the league who could reach quarterback Tyler Donovan but they are.

Number ten Rutgers University lost to University of Maryland, 31-24. They had three turnovers and lost them all.

The newest Associated Poll is out and the top ten reads like this:

1. LSU
2. USC
3. California
4. Ohio State
5. Wisconsin
6. South Florida
7. Boston College
8. Kentucky
9. Florida
10. Oklahoma

A little different, huh? It was a wild weekend in the fifth week of the college football season. We have already seen that anything can and will happen in the upcoming weeks ahead. Hold on for a lot more good football ahead.

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