Dr. D’s Thoughts and Ponders

1693631The Doctor welcomes you to another edition of Thoughts and Ponders. Sit back, relax and let the Doctor rant your worries away.

Was it me or was the knee to the groin on Monday night the best part of that game?

I know, I know, it was a cheap shot but Jeremy Stevens is a trouble maker. He is one of those trouble makers that talks smack and can’t do anything to back it up. I’ve seen better hands on a clock. In fact, I’ve seen better hands on a duck! Ok, I know ducks don’t have hands but even without them, they can still catch a football better than Stevens.

I’m glad to see both Brayton and Stevens just got fined. At first, it looked like Brayton did it all but rewind the tape and Stevens got a little kick in there…dirty!

The Dolphins vs Da Bears. Didn’t have the same feel as 1985 but the same result happened. The Dolphins ended the Bears undefeated season.

OCHO CINCO!!! OCHO CINCO!! Doesn’t that mean 8 and 5, not 85? Do you think that offended anybody a few weeks ago?

T.O. catches a TD and then uses the ball as a pillow? Nice. Oh, by the way, nice TD catch to seal the game…oops, you dropped that one. Nice one jackass.

Speaking of a bizarre ending to a game. Cowboys kicking a FG to win it, gets blocked, returned by the Redskins, 15 yard face mask, can’t end game on defensive penalty, Washington FG with no time, game over. That’s about how it went, give or take a few words.

Vinatieri goes back home to New England, gets booed every time he is on the field, misses 2 field goals, but the Colts win, no big deal.

Is it me or is Vanderjagt one of the worst FA pick-ups this year? He couldn’t cut it with the Colts and he sure as hell isn’t cutting it with the Cowboys. Kicker for Hire.

If you would have bet these 5 teams all college football season, you would be rolling in some serious money: BYU, Nevada, Ohio St, Hawaii, and the OVER in all Hawaii games, you would be 42-6 against the spread! For you math nuts out there, that’s 87.5%! Aww, if we only could go back in time.

Thoughts and Prayers go out to Miami’s Bryan Pata’s family and friends this weekend. As well as the Miami Hurricane’s football team and the university. Kick some ass this week for Bryan boys!

Louisville vs Rutgers! Are you kidding me! I know you will all get this article after the game is played but I still had to say it!

Two weeks: Ohio St vs Michigan. Last week both teams struggled. Do you think that game on Nov 18 is weighing in on anybody’s minds?

Can you smell Bowl season????

Wow, can the news get any worse for the NY Giants this year?

Steelers???? 2-6? Are they done? I’m going to say…..YES!

If the Bengals lose this week to the Chargers, which could in all likely could happen, and the Ravens win, the Ravens will have a 3 game lead in the division. Who would have thought that?

Does anyone care that NBA basketball is on? Wake me when NCAA basketball starts…oh it has! Nice, weekends full of college football, NFL, and college basketball. Those weekends don’t occur too often so cherish those.

Well folks, the Doctor believe it or not has been under the weather all week (go figure, a doctor getting sick) but hopefully I have brought you enough rants for the week to keep you satisfied till next week. Until next time, enjoy your weekend. This is the Doctor and Thehooks book signing out!

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