E-nterview: The Briefs


1) What is your name and what role do you have in the band the Briefs?
– Steve E. Nix. I play exciting punk rock guitar guitar for you and sing like a junior college choir.

2) Please describe your look and sound… it appears that the late 70’s punk is back!
– I look like a younger and handsomer and more muscular Burt Renolds (without a mustache). The Briefs sound like a punk band with it’s roots in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Like Generation X and the Angry S—— getting in a fight and then making up and having a— and o— sex.

3) Forming in 1999, did you feel like you ever got caught up in theSeattle grunge scene?
– No, I really don’t hold a grudge against anyone. I try not to anyways.


4) I have interviewed the SuperSuckers from Seattle, have you ever done any work with them?
– We’ve played a few nice shows with the Supersuckers in Canada, US, and France. Great guys!

5) Who are some of your biggest infuences in music…? Sex Pistols?
– The Damned, Adolescents, The Lewd, The Undertones, Youth Brigade, Johnny Thunders, The Vibrators, Rezillos, etc. etc.

6) What do you do when you are listening to the radio and hear Emo tracks by ‘Romance Panic Chemical Disco’ or whatever?
– I don’t know those emo bands. I’m square and out of touch. Anything labeled emo that I have heard I didn’t like at all. For sure I don’t like beards.


7) What do you feel is wrong with music today?
– Nothing really. It’s the same as always, the good music is underappreciated and the crappy music designed for the lowest common denominator music consumer is popular. Some exceptions of course… but hey! that’s how everything is right? McDonalds rules the wasteland!

8) As mentioned, you were formed in 1999, How many albums have you released and are they still available to purchase?
– Hit After Hit, Off the Charts, Singles Only(our collection of 7″s), Sex Objects, Steal Yer Heart. All are available from BYO except Singles Only which you have to buy from us at our shows.

9) You are Signed to BYO Records (BETTER YOUTH ORGANIZATION) Who are some of your favorite label mates and who do you like to tour with?
– Favorite label mates would be Youth Brigade for sure… and Clit 45 and Throw Rag and Pistol Grip and Nickleback and Genesis.

10) Please explain the live performances, the crowd and fun that goes on.

– We play exciting punk rock and the crowd pogos, spazzes out, spits on themselves and each other. Sometimes they touch themselves. I’ve seen it, the person thought I wasn’t looking, but I totally was.

11) How do we find out more about the Briefs? Where can we listen to tracks? Do you have a website? MySpace?
– Record stores, myspace, thebriefs.com, i -tunes, interpunk, etc.

12) Anything else that you would like to add about the Albums, shows, band?
– Thank you for the interview! We are touring the US this fall with the Casualties, then going to Japan and England in December. If you live in one of these countries, come on out to check out the Briefs!

-Steve E. Nix

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