E-nterview: Fishbone



1) Hello, What is your name and what role do you have in the band Fishbone?
– My name is Angelo Moore and I play Saxaphones, therimen and lead singer poet in Fishbone.

2) In the past year I have seen you perform at least 3 times… How many shows do you do a year?
– Its different every year. We will do 10 times as many shows as we did in 2006 in 2007
2008 we will do even more. When the new record is out we’ll do 150 to 200 shows a year.

3) I heard that Fishbone will be releasing a new album in ’07 How many albums have you released as the group Fishbone?
– 10

4) When is the release of the “Still Stuck In Your Throat” be available in the US?
– April


7) VooDooTonic.com is based out of Santa Monica/LA When will you be starting a new tour to support the album? And will you be touring all throughout the LA and Orange County Areas?
– Probably in mid june or July depending on the touring conditions.

8) It appears the song “Party at Ground Zero” is one of your most famous tracks… How come this song may be one of your most recognized singles?
– Because the Subject matter is equivalent to 911 the twin towers where ground zero, “the target” The party with the special guest ” The grim reaper” but yet and still the music is that of celebration and a party, New orleans style. and it was one of Fishbones first releases.

9) Much can change in 20 years for a band (and the world) What messages do you feel Fishbone set out to do when the band started and where are you all as a group now?
– Some of us in the band have kids now. Our message to the world is still reality based and a bit social issues here and there.there are all new band members except for NOrwood and I. It is a new begining for Fishbone and every one is happy to be here and engaging in the Fishbone dream. cultural awarness as well as social.

10) During your live performances, You have been known to speak between songs almost in a poetic way. Explain why and do you sometimes do individual stand-up like shows?
– Yes, I speak in a poetic way because i am a poet. And when I get the chance I do do poetry readings and spoken word when ever i get the chance.

11) One of my favorite bands is Sublime, What was it like to not only cover the song Date Rape, but to also shoot a video for it?
– It felt natural to cover the song almost as if it where a Fishbone song. and it was the same for the video.

12) One last thing, I can not explain the energy, the excitment at your live shows. The fans are running all around you are stage diving and there are 7 guys on stage playing their hearts out. In your best description… What are your performances like?
– I think you might have answerd the question your self.

13) Is there anything else that you would like to add about your upcoming CD release? A tour? Fishbone?
– YES most importantly Buy the CD when it comes out. it’s called Still stuck in your throught. as well as dR.Maddvibe comic books and CD’s called “Dr.Maddvibes Medicen cAbinet, and also Dre’Gibsons solo CD called Dear Trouble” and Norwood fishers solo CD called Trulio discrascious. if you purchase all of these items then your musical and cultural awareness will be enhanced as well as your life and knowledge.

Thank you Angelo for your time!
– You’re welcome.

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