E-nterview: Monsters are Waiting


1) What is your name, and what role do you have in the band Monsters Are Waiting?
– Andrew: i play bass and some guitar.
– Eric: …i hatch the eggs.

2) For those just now hearing of Monsters are waiting… Describe your sound. What do you mean by your music is expressive without being idiosyncratic, it rocks but not in a boogie way, it’s sophisticated but not in a stodgy, stultified way. It’s sexy but not slutty, they play hard but don’t bludgeon, that Monsters Are Waiting are smart but they aren’t poindexters.
– Andrew: We’ve tried not to think too much about “our sound”. We wanted to make music we llke in hope of others feeling something when they listen to our songs.
– Eric: what do you mean, “what do you mean?”…do i stutter?

3) Being from Echo Park (Los Angeles) where there are so many artists and so much music, how do you feel Monsters are Waiting… stands apart from everyone else?
– Andrew: there’s alot of good music right now, i don’t want to say we stand apart but we definitely have tried to do our own thing and don’t really fall into any category or scene.
– Eric: we all ride bikes with no training wheels…


4) Your debut full-length album titled Fascination, on Retone, hit stores July 18th, what has the response been so far from your fans and the press?
– Andrew: the press has all been good so far, fans seem to like the album as well.. we’re just hoping to get out there and make people aware of us.
– Eric: our fans love the record. they have to since it’s our only one…if they didn’t like it then they wouldn’t be fans because there’d be nothing else to listen to…

5) When creating the album Fascination, what message if any, where you trying to bring across to you each other, and your fans and others who have yet heard of Monsters are waiting?
– Andrew: i dunno, be yourself and enjoy your life…
– Eric: there was no overall concept that we decided on for the record but we wanted to make a record that was a coherent body of work. i think the best thing any record can hope to be is a soundtrack for a certain time in a listeners life- music that helps you celebrate the good stuff and pulls you through the bad stuff. we all have those records that we listen to non stop while we go through things in our lives- good or bad…

6) Is it true, one of your songs was featured in an episode of the WB show ‘One Tree Hill’? Which track and how did it get added?Andrew: this is true. it was the song “Time” and it was in a make-out scene. I had never heard of this show… really i swear…
– Eric: the rumors are all true…”time” was featured in a deeply passionate make out scene on one tree hill. it got putin there because when people think of making out, they think ‘monsters are waiting’

7) In your opinion, what will be the greatest thing about touring with She Wants Revenge and Pretty Girls make graves this November?
– Andrew: they are all awesome people, that’s always the most important thing when touring. the music is all very different too, should be interesting…
– Eric: the catering and not having chicken wire in front of the stage…

8) What would you like to see more of in todays music? Are you delivering this to your fans through your music and talent?
– Andrew: i’d like to see other bands including ours take more chances musically.
– Eric: i’d like to see more guitar solos… maybe on the next record.

9) The Name Monsters are Waiting… What does that mean or where did it come from?
– Andrew: it means what ever you think it means… it came out of thin air.
– Eric: it’s a lyric from our song ‘monsters’…we had actually booked our first show without having a name and the deadline for the print ad was almost due so, we went with it. it sounded different and no one was violently opposed to it. and most importantly, it wasn’t taken yet…

10) What is your bands web address where we hear music, check out your upcoming shows, listen to some of your music and more? Do you have a myspace?

and upcoming releases?
– Andrew: come see us and say hi.

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