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Call me old enough to know better and young enough to enjoy it. For me, there is baseball, and then there are mere games. And, when not watching, reading, and writing about the Old Ball Game, in all its artistry in rhythm, tragicomedy in boogie, and hidden strengths in common numbers, I listen to and play the blues; I read anything from poetry to political philosophy and back; I savour the periodic bourbon and Coke; and, I yet harbour a dream (other than baseball having a legitimate commissioner once again) that someone, somewhere, might actually be insane enough to hire me (you know, for a living) as the baseball writer I really wanted to be when I grew up.

Hello, Hello, I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say hello. But to those who are of the hello fashion, I would like to introduce myself to both of you. My name is Vegas Dave Golokhov, aspiring from the smog and Maple Leaf ubiquity better known as Toronto Canada. While the city tries to find a cure for 2 of its biggest pollution problems, I too look to surge to the limelight amongst this pile of Leaf doting delusion to provide my sanitizing voice. The same constituents that are present in most of my writings will be injected into ‘I Hate Mondays’ including the usual dose of sarcasm, a pinch of wit, and a hint of cynicism.

The jester laughs while the kingdom crumbles. So while ESPN, greedy owners, greedier players, and terminal morons like Gary Bettman continue to desecrate the sports we grew up adoring, I’ve been here every week since 1997, calling them on their B.S. and getting some cheap laughs at their expense. When I’m not making a bunch of off-color jokes in a satirical sports column, I’m the Features Editor for SportsFan Magazine in Washington DC, and the Senior Sports Editor for The Connection Newspapers of Northern Virginia.

I am a Cincinnati Native and write a weekly column called The (sports) Gospel According to Mark, which is the infallible word about the sports world. I have done two stints as a color analyst in the ECHL and I know the Reds aren’t going to choke this year and I’m already planning on heading to the Super Bowl next year to watch the Bengals.

I was a newspaper sports writer for four years then moved into magazines where, for three years, I was the sports editor of a sports and lifestyle magazine. I then left journalism to go into business for myself but still continued to write freelance. I sold articles from Toronto to Los Angeles on a variety of sports. I have completed a fictional novel — which my agent is presently attempting to get published, and recently I returned to sports journalism by creating The Fan View website, a sports commentary site from the fan’s perspective.

The world of sports journalism has been an old man’s world for too long. Games have changed and evolved (not always for the better) and now it is time for the writers to change. I am twenty-five years old and filled with a fire for writing about sports, wrestling, or anything else. The changing of the guard begins now. I offer a fresh perspective, filled with humor and a desire to question the status quo. This will be my home as I break into the world of sports journalism. Consider yourself warned.

Ryan Ballengee is a native of the Washington, DC area. He has been there his entire life, and it is there he fostered his love for the game of golf. He is the host of The 19th Hole Golf Show, an Internet based golf talk radio show that airs on TheGolfNewsNet.com. He writes a weekly golf commentary, called The 19th Hole, that shines light on issues in the game that do not get a lot of attention. Ryan was one of the first journalists to pitch the idea of the upcoming FedEx Cup in 2007.

With a past of nightly club living, Brian is also known as the VooDoo at VooDooTonic.com. He has worked his way through managing record stores to working for Universal Music, Interscope Records and Infinity Radio. With the new site focused on Artist Development and Artist Promotion, he has had the opportunity to interview new and established recording artists. Check out VooDooTonic.com for radio streaming and what is next in Modern Rock! You can watch music videos, enter promotions for signed posters and CDs, as well as view backstage passes and his personal collection of autographed music memorabilia.

Better known to the sports betting world as Dr. D. from thehooksfootballpicks.com. I’m a 29 year old sports handicapper born and raised in Nevada, the state where everything is legal, yes I said everything! Am I opinionated? Yes. Am I rude? Sometimes. Am I funny? As much as possible. Afraid of what people think of me? Not at all and it shows in my writing. I’m not afraid to speak my mind and tell it like it is. In my “Thoughts and Ponders” anything goes when it comes to football. If you do something stupid on or off the field, I’ll write about you. Make a bad coaching call, I’ll write about you. Even if I just don’t like you, there’s a good chance you’ll be mentioned in “Thoughts and Ponders” the following week. Love me or hate me, it’s all just fun and games to the Doctor.

The self-proclaimed and undisputed Sexiest Man in sports journalism. Hailing from the sports capital of the world, California, Aaron brings with him a grand knowledge for the pulse of the land. Combining his love of sports and football in particular with his passion for writing, Aaron brings with him an edginess and in-your-face attitude he finds lacking in the seemingly robot world of sports journalism. If you’re looking for someone to tell it like it is, you’ve come to the right place but don’t be afraid to disagree with him because he isn’t afraid to tell you you’re wrong. Known for his outspoken views, sports trivia knowledge, and willingness to engage in any sports debate, Aaron will give the other side of the coin as in what ESPN and Sports Illustrated usually fail to mention in their stories.

The definition of egomaniacal, Alex Fitzsimmons. I’m the youngest critic on the site, 15 years old, but have proven myself in the online sports writing world. I write for numerous sites across the web, and am a devoted fan to all sports. I despise the NHL and the NBA, and have written articles describing my disgust. I mostly rant about baseball and football, with the occasional bashing of the NHL article. Don’t let the youth surprise you, I am a very formidable sports critic.

Yes, you can call me “The Omen”. Born and raised in Chicago, I suppose I should be a manic-depressive or just outright insane, considering our franchises. Alas, neither is true. I’m a staff writer for Sports Central. Me and my 666 tattoo are going to smack the sports news up, flip it, and rub it down, until the Cubs win the World Series or the Four Horsemen come to end all this. The Horsemen are favored by 150 years. My money is on The Horsemen. We live in a world where the best golfer is black and the best rapper is white. That’s when I start listening for the gallops.

I’m a sports fanatic from the Boston area. I bring an edge and a passion to the table that only a Boston fan can do. I tell it how it is. Sports is reality, so why beat around the bush when writing about it. If your angle isn’t new, its through. There are three sides to every story: The owners, the players, and mine. Come read what you’ve always thought, but never found the right words to say it.

I’m a web site developer, musician, and sports fan based in Nashville, TN. I’ve been writing about music in the Nashville area (rock, not that country stuff) for several years in a web site I run, NashvilleRock.net. I recently began feeling the urge to extend myself into the sports arena so I launched SportGamble.us, a sort-of general sports and sports gambling portal, and an online petition, GiveUsAPlayoff.com, for a Division I college football playoff. In a way, sports is like a microcosm of real life, so one of the things I look for when writing on a sports subject is what lessons we can extract – how we can use what we see on the field or court to become better people.

Dr. Richard Lustberg has earned two masters degrees — a Masters of Art and School Psychology. He earned his Doctoral degree in School Community Psychology. He is both a certified school psychologist and a licensed psychologist in New York State. He is a member of the American Psychological Association and the APA’s media division. Dr. Lustberg’s interest in sports culminated in a well-received PBS oriented radio program that originated in New York. Interviews with major sports figures became the focus of the program and dealt with issues in sport with a psychological focus. He has been featured in numerous newspapers, magazines, and online publications including the New York Times and CBS Sportsline, to name just a few. He has been a well sought after speaker for nearly 30 years and has given many interviews to the media on a wide variety of subjects. He has appeared on several national television programs including ESPN News, Cold Pizza, CNN and radio programs.

I’m Frank, a 22-year-old college student who is always looking for a future ex-girlfriend. I bring a young perspective to the site. I am the official critic’s choice inspector. I take pride in my job and I give it 110%. I like all sports, but my definition of sports may be different than others. “SPORT” according to Frank: There must be full contact or at least something hitting at each other. List of non-sports: Bowling, golf, cheerleading (but very entertaining), WNBA(given), and swimming.

I love long walks along the beach, read and write poetry… NOT!!! I am just a simple man who enjoys a fine cigar, dry martinis and sports. My favorite sport to play and watch has always been football. I used to play football in High School and in the Military. In the military it was squad versus squad tackle without the pads and helmets. Yeah, maybe that is why I am the way I am. But, like everyone else I still have my own opinions. ’nuff said.

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