Q&A with “The Schwab”

1591604The dust has settled on the NFL draft and it’s time to follow up from the last Q&A with ESPN’s own Howie Schwab. His review and a couple more questions from the sports world.

What team or teams did the best job in the draft? Why?
I liked a few teams. Cleveland paid a lot to get back into the first round to get Brady Quinn, but it was the right move, plus Eric Wright was a steal. I liked San Francisco getting Patrick Willis and Joe Staley. I liked Carolina moving down and still getting Jon Beason, plus Dwayne Jarrett was a good pickup. I liked some of the moves by Arizona.

Did Detroit Lions president Matt Millen make a mistake by taking Calvin Johnson instead of Joe Thomas?
I think Calvin Johnson was the best talent in this draft, so no. I know a lot of people feel you should draft for need. Detroit has a lot of needs but if you improve your team with the best player, I get it.

How surprised were you to see Brady Quinn fall to number 22?
I was a bit surprised because I thought Miami would take him at 9, but I understood they would go for a quarterback in round two and Miami got a good one with Beck. After the 9th slot, I knew it would be a while because very few teams needed at quarterback. I thought maybe Green Bay at 16 if they weren’t happy with Aaron Rodgers for the future…nice move by Cleveland even if it was costly.

Wide receiver Randy Moss is now a New England Patriot. Traded for a fourth round draft pick. What does this say about Moss’ stock in the NFL? Has he really lost his touch or did the Patriots get him for a steal?
Great move for the Pats. Moss will be fired up because he has something to prove. Giving up the 110th pick in the draft is worth the risk. With Bill Belichick and the veterans in that Pats locker room, Moss will not be a troublemaker or his teammates will let him have it.

The Milwaukee Brewers have one of the best records in baseball. Are they the biggest surprise of the season so far?
No. I think the Brewers were one of the best young teams in the division coming in and adding Jeff Suppan was a plus. I think the Braves are one of the biggest surprises, maybe the Diamondbacks.

The Chicago Bulls won their first playoff series since the Michael Jordan era. Are they the real deal? How far will they go in the playoffs?
I think they could beat the Pistons. Chicago won three out of four against Detroit in the regular season. Scott Skiles has done a nice job and there is a lot of young talent. I think they have a legitimate shot.

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